7 Benefits Of Taking Oregano Supplements

There's no way you wouldn't know about oregano if you are a true pizza lover. You can also find this tasty Italian herb in pasta sauces, salads, and meat dishes. But did you know that oregano can do more than make your meals tasty? It contains several antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and general health benefits. So, it isn't surprising that generations have relied on oregano to boost their health. In this session, you’ll discover 7 benefits of taking oregano supplements.



Is oregano a painkiller? Could it be a natural analgesic that you can buy as a prescription? Promising studies done with mice indicate this possibility. Researchers discovered that oregano had similar effects as morphine in relieving pain in mice. However, pain relief was dose-dependent. This means that rats that took in more oregano experienced less pain. Still, you will have to wait longer before relying solely on oregano for pain relief. The reason is simple; Scientists have to do more studies on humans.


You have likely experienced candida before because it is quite common. This common fungus is usually harmless. However, you can get a full-blown yeast infection if there's an overgrowth. Oregano is the perfect answer to the menace of candida. A 2010 study suggests it is effective against up to 16 Candida strains. Still, you shouldn't skip your doc if you have yeast infection symptoms. Also, use prescription antifungals and oregano supplements to fight your yeast infections.


A leaky gut is when your intestine's walls become destroyed. This allows bacteria and other toxins to escape into your bloodstream, eww!  But you can turn things around by taking organic oregano supplements. A recent study on pigs showed that oregano helped strengthen their gut walls. It also reduced the E.coli bacteria in their guts. However, humans are clearly not pigs, so don't rely on these supplements alone to treat your leaky gut.


Research has shown that oregano can lower cholesterol in people with high cholesterol issues. Thymol and carvacrol, two compounds found in oregano, are largely responsible for this. And given that high cholesterol is deadly, it certainly makes sense to naturally reduce it, right?


Staphylococcus aureus is a popular cause of food poisoning and skin diseases. Luckily, oregano supplements are the perfect antidote to staph infections. The carvacrol in oregano fights bacteria due to its natural antibiotic properties. 


Free radicals can build up your body and increase your risk for chronic disease. However, oregano supplements are rich in antioxidants that the body's free radicals. Less free radicals mean a reduced risk of heart disease. And certain types of cancer will also be further from you. Woo-hoo!


Oregano supplements may also help you shed some extra pounds. This is because it can hinder fat cell growth. Still, there’s the need for more research on how effective it is in humans. So, take in your oregano supplements alongside exercising and eating healthier.

So there you have it! If you were ever unsure about purchasing oregano supplements, this should help put your mind at ease. This herb is indeed powerful and can help with a catalog of health challenges - but to be extra safe, be sure to seek medical advise from your doctor before you start taking supplements.